Village President & Board of Trustees

The Village Government operates under the Trustee-Village form of government. The Village Board is comprised of six Trustees At-large and a Village President. The Positions of Village Clerk and Treasurer are appointed by the Village President.

The Village Regular Board and Administrative Board meetings are conducted on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 pm at the Village Hall. Meeting agendas are posted at the Village Hall and on the Village website. All Village Board and Committee meetings are open to the public.

To contact an Village Board member, please use our Contact Form and specify whom you'd like the message forwarded to.

John Russell

Water & Sewer Trustee

Susan "Sue" Carpenter

Finance Trustee

Nance Lorenz

Streets & Alleys Trustee

Deb Thibodeau

Parks & Buildings Trustee

Nathan Grobe

Public Safety & Economic Development Trustee

Jason Edwards

No Committee Assignment

Village Treasurer

The Village Treasurer is appointed by the Village President.

Village Clerk

The Village Clerk is appointed by the Village President.

Randy Fruin

Village Treasurer, Administration

Duties of the Village Treasurer include:

  • Custodian of all Village funds.
  • Receives and records all money paid into the Village.
  • Issues payments for warrants and bonds.
  • Keeps records of all Village funds.
  • Yvonne Dewey

    Village Clerk

    Duties of the Village Clerk include:

  • Attending all official meetings of the corporate authorities, and preparing the official minutes, subject to the direction and approval of the corporate authorities.
  • Act as the custodian of the village seal and affix its impression on documents whenever required. Arrange the placing of such notices as may from time to time be required by statute, ordinance or direction of the village board.
  • Act as the custodian of all documents belonging to the village which are not assigned to the custody of some other officer.
  • Acts as the Local Election Authority.

  • Village Attorney

    Village Engineer

    Douglas Henry

    Attorney, Barrick Switzer, Long, Balsley & Van Evera, LLP

    Aaron Full

    Public Works

    Dean Insko

    Public Works Supervisor

    Aaron Moore

    Public Works Employee

    Jared Cook

    Public Works Employee

    Casper Manheim

    Building Inspector

    (815) 440-2146

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