Information for Residents of Stillman Valley

Stillman Valley’s Parks

  • Recreational Park
  • Ropp Park
  • Monument Park

Please call the Village if you’d like to reserve one of our parks for an event.

Spring/Summer Yard Waste Pick Up

Begins April 5, 2018 and will be available during your next Trash Pick Up Bi-Weekly until November 29, 2018.

Utility Bill Information

Water, Sewer & Trash bills are mailed out the first week of the month and due the 25th of each month.

Water rates are $4.20 per thousand gallons used
Sewer rates are $4.20 per thousand gallons used
Base Water Rate is $12.54 per month
Base Sewer Rate is $30.80 per month
Construction Improvement Fund $4.00 per month
Trash Fee is $13.23 per month. Generally trash pick-up is at approximately 7:00 a.m.
Trash Service is provided by Moring Disposal (815) 938-3602

Bill Payments

  • Bills can be paid at Village Hall during business hours (Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM) by check, debit or credit card.
  • You may drop off your payment at the drop boxes outside Village Hall at any time.
  • You can pay your bill online by clicking the “Pay Online” link on the left side of the web page. Payments are accepted by using your credit/debit card or checking account.
  • Auto Pay is now available! Your monthly utility bill can now be automatically drawn from your checking account each month.

Should you have questions regarding your Utility Bill contact Yvonne at Village Hall Monday thru Friday 815-645- 2200

Electrical Supplier for Stillman Valley

The electrical supplier for the residents of Stillman Valley is: Dynegy Energy Services . The rate is $0.06598/kWh thru September 2018. If you are a resident of Stillman Valley and did not opt out of the program, you are currently a customer of ComEd at the above rate. Anyone who is a Village resident, who is not currently in the program can call 844-351- 7691 and join the Stillman Valley program.  If there are any questions, you may call Marni Henert at Rock River Energy Services at 815-732- 4603.